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Divorcing a person with traits of a Cluster B personality disorder, such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), is a lonely, destructive road

high conflict
divorce coaching

  • Reduce the emotional overwhelm of custody court and a high-conflict co-partner

  • Identify, label and articulate patterns in a way that the system can understand

  • Prepare to be an effective litigant and advocate for your children

  • Improve managing your responses to your ex-partner's abusive behaviors

  • Save on legal fees by establishing a productive attorney-client relationship

Our Coaches

FROM extreme Pain Comes Extraordinary Strength

The only thing more soul-crushing than being married to a narcissistic individual is divorcing one. It is an assault on your character, spirit and financial stability. And so the battle begins - your children,  collateral damage. This divorce will not be fair, amicable or quick. 


Family court, insisting that both parties must be equally responsible for 'dragging it out', is complicit in the path of destruction - and is the high conflict parent's weapon of choice. "Think of your kids", judges scold. Except the narcissist can't. And if you - the protective parent - protest, you risk being labeled a paranoid alarmist trying to "alienate" your children from their other parent.

To anyone on the outside, this appears to be an over-exaggeration. But those of us on the inside know this is not a "normal" divorce. Because it was not a normal marriage.

level the playing field - we'll show you how

Stomping On Eggshells was created out of a personal commitment to empower and prepare targeted parents for the long road ahead - legally, interpersonally and emotionally. We are certified divorce coaches, mothers and survivors with the specialized training and personal experience to help minimize the mental and financial devastation of a high conflict divorce and custody battle. 

Power, money and charm often tip in the favor of the coercive, high conflict parent. Our effective strategies can be the equalizer. By working one-on-one with us, you will be prepared to anticipate and counter the attacks, improve your outcome and turn trauma into strength.

meet Your ALLIES

We are certified divorce coaches with specialized training in cases involving narcissistic abuse, post-separation abuse and domestic violence. We can help regardless of whether your ex has been diagnosed with NPD or BPD.

Claudia Marquez


Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach,

Certified Domestic Violence Counselor

Based in Massachusetts, serving clients across the U.S. and internationally


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Qualified Divorce and Custody Coach

Heather Minicucci

Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach


Based in Massachusetts, serving clients across the U.S. Saturdays and evenings


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"You folks need to get along...

for your child's sake"

Judge's actual statement to parents

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