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Coach profile: claudia Marquez 


I am the founder of Stomping On Eggshells and proud to be New England’s first high conflict divorce coach to be certified through the High Conflict Divorce Coaching Program, founded by industry trailblazer and founder of One Mom's Battle, Tina Swithin. Additionally, I'm certified as a Domestic Violence Survivor Advocate and have been trained as as a Youth Mental Health First Aider by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing.

Having experienced a long, contentious and costly divorce and two child custody battles in Norfolk County, I longed to help other targeted parents struggling with high conflict divorce and custody cases, by amplifying the collective voice of families that experience the "silent abuse" of child and mother sabotage (CAMS) and coercive control - the underpinning of most forms of domestic violence.


With this commitment in mind, I became certified as a high conflict divorce coach to empower parents who are the target of narcissistic behaviors with potent divorce, custody and co-parenting strategies that restore a sense of peace and control. To enrich my personal and professional experience as a high conflict divorce coach, I actively pursue training and educational opportunities in mental health, domestic violence and legal advocacy.


A California native, I graduated from California State University, Northridge with a B.S. in Business Administration. I live in Massachusetts with my daughter and rescue dog.

In-person workshops and client sessions are available in Metrowest.


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