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pick your coaching plan

Choose from a variety of coaching options for improving your custody court literacy skills and receiving professional support - delivered with patience, compassion and empathy. ​

  • Feel heard and validated in your experience divorcing a high-conflict person

  • Become a more prepared and steady litigant

  • Identify, label and articulate patterns in a way the system can understand

  • Improve managing your responses to your ex-partner's abusive behaviors

  • Experience a more productive client relationship with your attorney 

If you have a privacy or security concern, please read our policies below before booking. Discounted rates available for referrals from legal aid programs, women and family services, and Limited Assistance Representation (LAR)-participating attorneys.

Option 1: Momentum Package
$650 - Best Value, Comprehensive Skill Builder

Feeling lost in the haze of contested custody against an abusive personality? This coaching intensive will increase your family court literacy and properly prepare you to face a hostile ex-partner and system. Tailored to fit the unique circumstances and priorities of your case, the five strategy sessions will guide you through our 'show and tell' approach to prepare you for some of the most common scenarios in high conflict divorce and contested custody, including preparing effective journaling and documentation, writing proactive co-parenting messages, managing trauma when engaging with GALs, parenting coordinators, judges and DCF, supporting a productive attorney-client relationship, and coping with distress and trauma. 


  • Personalized action plan

  • 5 one-hour 1:1 strategy sessions 

  • 90 minutes of on-demand calls and emails for support with issues that arise

  • Digital templates and guides

  • Attorney work product agreement (for your attorney)

Thank you for your payment. We will be in touch via email within one business day to schedule your first session.

Option 2: Starter Package
$290 Discounted Rate | Step-by-Step Skill Builder

Feeling overwhelmed by where to start or need hands-on support in specific areas of your case? This ultra-focused 2-session package prepares you for what's most pressing now and what comes next. Topics may include creating a safety plan for leaving, learning what to document and how to package it, reducing the triggering effects of co-parenting communications, or preparing for a GAL evaluation. This option is also for existing clients who want to rebook with us.


  • Personalized action plan

  • 2 one-hour 1:1 strategy sessions

  • Between-session progress review and feedback

  • 30 minutes of on-demand calls and emails for support with issues that arise

  • Digital templates and guides  

Thank you for your payment. We will be in touch via email within one business day to schedule your session.

Option 3: Ad hoc 
$150 | Hourly Rate

This flexible coaching time may be used for general support or as an additional coaching session for existing clients. 

Thank you for your payment. We will be in touch via email within one business day.

Option 4: In-person 2-Hour Workshop for Moms
Co-parenting Communications with Confidence: Write and reply fearlessly

Saturday, September 7, 2024 at 10 am
Location: Roots & Wings Healing Arts Center, Natick, MA
$95 | Limit: 10 Participants

Communicating with a combative co-parent requires patience, deep breathing and next-level skills to avoid the vortex of shaming, blaming and deflecting. In this 2-hour workshop for women, you’ll learn how to reduce the stress of emailing, texting and messaging with a co-parent who is driven to create conflict instead of resolving disputes. Feel free to bring a sample communication for review and/or group discussion.

Created by Stomping on Eggshells coaches, the S.I.F.T. model helps you retain your personal power when writing and responding to your ex. You'll also gain tools to:

  • Defuse the emotional trigger of communicating with your high-conflict ex

  • Use message mining to gain insight into his core values/hurt

  • Separate significant messages worthy of a response from noisy interference

  • Build a fortress around your personal power and sense of safety

  • Do a reaction reset around predictably entitled, childish and bullying behaviors

Programming for the event has been developed through a trauma-informed lens. Accommodations will be made to ensure all attendees feel safe and empowered. Complimentary coffee and tea will be available. To keep the event personal and intimate, attendance is limited to 10 mothers. No cancelations or refunds, but if you cannot attend after purchasing a ticket, we will donate your seat to a woman in need.

Thank you for signing up for this event. You will receive an email confirming your spot.

Other Options and Services

Please email for details.

  • Retainers accepted for full scope of services and sustained support

  • Court accompaniment for trauma-informed advocacy

  • Attorney meeting accompaniment

Privacy and Company Policies

Security: Transactions will appear as "SOECONSULTINGSERVICES" on your credit card statement. If you have security concerns, please notify your coach prior to purchasing for alternatives.

Refund policy: If you want to request a refund for coaching services and have not started your coaching session(s), please email After coaching services have begun, no refunds on unused sessions will be given. You have 12 months from the date of purchase to use your prepaid sessions.

Cancelation policy: 1) Advocates prepare for your session in advance. Please give your coach 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a session to avoid forfeiting your session and related fees. Sessions canceled within 24 hours of their scheduled start time cannot be rescheduled. 2) Sessions will begin and end at your scheduled time. If you are late to join, have to leave early, or are a no show, you will not be credited for time missed, and your session will not be extended past its scheduled end time.     

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