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Coach profile: heather minicucci


In 2013, I discovered that my partner was living a double life and our family’s stability was on the brink of collapse. Soon after I found myself in a 4-year custody battle amidst a pending house foreclosure, all while caring for and trying to create a sense of normalcy and stability for our three young children. My high conflict custody battle encompassed a court-ordered GAL investigation and ultimately a trial in Norfolk County Probate & Family Court, during which I spent thousands of dollars in legal fees. By the time a final judgement was issued, there had been 99 docket filings. 


With my head-spinning divorce behind me, I could finally concentrate on fully rebuilding my life, career, credit score and finances. In my healing journey, I met a therapist who specialized in addiction and personality disorders, who was the first person to put a name to the unhealthy behaviors I experienced: Cluster B disorders. I also discovered One Mom’s Battle and Tina Swithin, revealing that I was not alone in my experience. The fog started to lift as I knew I was not to blame for my ex’s behaviors.


Through a combination of counseling, yoga, meditation and self-care, I began to grow again as a person, woman and mother. My goals were to educate myself about how to thrive after an abusive relationship and to teach my children about the importance of self-advocacy and setting healthy boundaries in relationships. Now I want to help coach other parents who are walking on the same dark path but can’t yet see the light. I am here to provide you with support and tools during this time of transition.


In addition to being a certified high conflict divorce coach, I’m also a paralegal in the South Shore of Massachusetts, where I reside with my three children. A California native, I have a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of San Francisco. I love activities that help me find my zen, including cooking, baking, yoga meditation and breath work.    


I’m available Saturdays and certain evenings for consultations and coaching sessions.


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